It is time to upgrade to a 4G or 5G solution.
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The 3G Network is shutting down in 2024


As part of our strategy to modernise Telstra’s Network to make way for superior Customer Experience, Telstra is shutting down the 3G Network.

Back in October 2019 we announced Telstra’s 3G Network will close in June 2024. We are expanding the 4G network to a similar size and reach as our 3G network so our customers and the communities they live in are not disadvantaged.

As a customer of machine-to-machine communication we believe you will benefit from superior coverage now accessible at scale with LTE-M and NB-IOT devices. Please refer to Telstra’s IOT coverage maps for your specific location.

No 3G coverage will be removed prior to the closure of the 3G network in June 2024.

What you need to do

In order to ensure that you can continue to support your customer base and service offering, you need to let your customers and end users know that the 3G Network will be closing on 30 June 2024. You will need to work with your end users to transition your 3G only services to one that operates on our 4G, LTE-M, NB-IOT or 5G network. We will work with you over the next couple of years to make sure the transition to newer technologies is as seamless as possible.

Do you have High Risk services reliant on the 3G Network?

Please ensure you allow additional time to migrate services that are high risk in nature, for example if they are used by vulnerable customers. Please reach out to your Sales representative if you require additional support in migrating High Risk services.

What's next?

Please work with your Sales Representative to get a view of your impacted services and plan your transitions today. For Coverage mapping/updates please go to our coverage & rollout maps - Telstra or visit our website at


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